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Some of the common services offered by Che Studio:

  • Logo Design. Creating unique and memorable logos that represent a brand’s identity and values.
  • Branding and Identity Design. A comprehensive visual identity system, that includes, in addition to Logo design, the development of Brand Guidelines for color schemes, typography, imagery, stationery, business cards, letterheads, and other branding materials.
  • Brand Refresh or Rebranding. Sometimes businesses may require a brand refresh or a complete rebranding. We can help in assessing the current brand identity, understanding the goals, and creating a refreshed visual identity that aligns with the desired direction.
  • Illustration (vector or bitmap). Creating custom illustrations for various purposes, such as editorial illustrations, character design, infographics, product illustrations, and other digital artwork.
  • T-shirt Design. Whether you’re an individual looking to express your unique style or a business in need of custom t-shirts for your team or promotional events, Che Studio offers design options to personalize your t-shirts with names, logos or any additional details.
  • Print Design. Designing various printed materials such as brochures, flyers, posters, banners, magazines, book covers, etc.
  • Packaging Design. Designing eye-catching and functional packaging for products, considering factors like branding, shelf appeal, and practicality.
  • Web Design. Creating visually appealing, user-friendly and responsive website designs, including layout, typography, color schemes, and graphics.

Our graphic design process typically involves several stages.
We start by gathering information and understanding the requirements and objectives from Brief and further communication with the customer.
Then we move on to brainstorming and conceptualizing ideas.
After that, we create design options or sketches and present them to the client for feedback.
Based on the feedback, we make revisions and refine the design until it meets the client’s expectations.
Finally, we prepare the final design files for delivery.

Che Studio does not offer fixed Design Packages.
We provide CUSTOM DESIGN from scratch, tailored to customer requirements, complexity and deadlines, rather than pre-packaged design deals.

The cost of a Design Project is determined based on various factors, such as the scope of work, complexity, timeline, and the specific services required. We’ll be happy to provide a detailed quote with transparent pricing once we find out more about your design needs.
Please fill out the Brief with the details of your Project, or contact us.

We accept and prefer secure online payments via PayPal or Venmo

First you fill out the Brief or contact us.
Then, we discuss the details of the Project: scope of work, complexity, timing and cost.
After receiving a deposit of 50% of the cost, the Project is officially launched.

After completing the Project Brief Form or Contact Form, the information you provide is sent to us.
Within 24 hours or less, we will either be in touch to clarify your requirements or send you a quote for your Project.

We know that change happens. No problem! We can incorporate your comments and revisions, whether they happen at the beginning or middle of your Project. Keep in mind that this will affect the Project schedule as well as the final cost. Significant differences from the original Brief can double the scope and budget of the Project.

You can expect to receive different types of files depending on the nature of the project and the specific requirements.
File formats provided in a typical Final Design Package:
Editable files AI, EPS, PDF, or PSD
High resolution preview files PNG, JPEG

The finished project files are yours upon receipt of final payment.
The Final Design Package with all the final files in the required format Files can be emailed to you, or uploaded to Dropbox for you to download.

Upon completion of a Design Project, the Customer receives full ownership and rights to the final design. For all of our Customers, we provide the necessary Agreement for the legal transfer of copyright in the graphic content we have created.

For future updates or in case you lose your copy, we keep a copy of your Project’s final files at least 1 year after the Project is completed.

We currently do not provide printing services.
The Final Design Package always includes ready-to-print PDF files.
They are prepared for use at your local print shop or online print service.

We select a range of designs we have worked on to showcase in our Portfolio, and your design may be included as well unless confidentiality is specified and agreed within the Project.

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